Ovation Dispensers

The Ovation series dispensers have been skillfully developed integrating the latest advancements in technology with a state-of-the-art product design to meet the challenging requirements of the retail marketplace.  Wayne performed extensive research in bringing the most innovative solution ever as your answer for integrating the fuel dispenser, POS, and merchandising opportunities to help your business to exceed expectations.

We paid attention to the details:
Ovation features a best-in-class customer interface

  • Intuitive, ATM-like familiarity with an ergonomic focus elegantly presented for a softer, friendlier presence on the island.
  • Easy-viewing, larger sales display, 5.7″ or 10.4″ customer information screen with soft keys, visual and audible prompts serve to enhance the clarity of functions to guide your customers through the transaction.
  • Hose and nozzle management prevents cluttering the integrity of the interface area.
  • Exceeds the current ADA guidelines-meeting the 48″ requirement when mounted on a six-inch island.


The best value for your money in the industry

  • Remote diagnostic management and software download capability.
  • Composite external panels provide tremendous graphic potential with long life durability.
  • Service improvements include hinged electronics door along with convenient remote control data access.
  • Innovative hydraulic design includes piping for any and all model configurations and vapor recovery combinations as standard meaning much simpler, more flexible field upgrade potential.
  • Provision for an integral dispenser containment box.


A flexible design to allow brand differentiation to meet an ever-changing retail environment

  • Available in dual column (43″) styles with single hose and 3+1 configurations complemented by a variety of valance and other peripheral options.  Multihose and suction planned for future release.
  • Scaleable design supports existing payment functions such as Wayne TRAC, Wayne SCAN, CAT, and bill acceptors while providing room for future feature expansion.
  • Ample allowance for product brand panels and other custom graphic opportunities.
  • Modular design supports future, non-traditional equipment packaging solutions.
  • Compatible with legacy two-wire communication.
  • Powered by pcGEM, Wayne’s latest electronics platform using the iGEM base design, features a Microsoft Windows CE operating system, Internet Explorer web browser, CANBUS, and LAN based network for ‘plug and play’ functionality.
  • High speed Ethernet communication enables forecourt marketing opportunities, video screen control, site data and maintenance management.
  • Proven, reliable iMeter hydraulics module features improved flow rate performance, electronic calibration and enhanced fraud deterrence.


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It is quality products like this that allow us to provide our customers with the best solutions for their businesses. For additional information, please contact us.

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