Vista Series

Standard Features

  • Modular self-diagnostic electronics
  • One product dispensing
  • Ultra high flow capacity
  • Bright 1″ LCDs
  • Hinged bezel for easy access to electronics
  • Lane oriented nozzle boot with lift to start operation
  • High hose retractor on high profile units; hose hanger bracket on low profile units


Configurations Available
Master/Standalone Unit: 1 or 2 hose – high profile
Master/Satellite Combination: 2 hoses – high profile
Satellite: 1 or 2 hose – low profile


Optional Features

  • Integrated card processing
  • Preset
  • Intercom speaker
  • Stop button
  • Hose mast/bun assembly
  • Wayne Trac
  • Key operated totalizer and/or authorize
  • Push to start grade select buttons
  • Dual price posting
  • Simultaneous delivery*
  • Automatic on*  (*where allowed)


HS1/V387 Specifications

Meters: 1-1/2″ Liquid Control positive displacement meters with micro calibration. All materials selected for fuels compatibility, corrosion resistance and long life.

Exterior Panels: Exterior panels are fabricated from galvannealed steel and have an extremely durable powder paint finish that combines outstanding appearance with superior corrosion resistant properties.

Memory: Data storage in nonvolatile memory. Sale display remains visible for approximately 15 minutes after power loss.

Pulser: Intrinsically safe, solid state, mounted above meter.

Computer: Advanced microprocessor featuring iGem design to insure accuracy; displays volume in thousandths; enhanced diagnostic and data management.


Electronic: Fuel volume and sales totals read from main sales display or a Wayne Control System. 9 digit volume; 8 digit money.

Electromechanical: 7-digit display shows accumulated grade totals for both sides of dispenser. 1 EMT per grade.

Price Setting: Price-jog via remote control. Remote price setting with optional system console.

Motor: (suction models only): 1 1/2 HP continuous duty, U.L. approved Class 1, Group D, flame-proof motor, totally enclosed.

Pumping Unit: (suction models only):  1 1/2″ Blackmer positive displacement, self-priming, rotary vane type pumping unit with adjustable bypass valve. Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation. Suction strainer filters at inlet connection.

Electrical: 115/230V, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase; 230/380V, 50Hz, 3 phase.

Shipping Weight: Consult your Wayne representative.


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