Are your credit card readers ready for the October 2020 EMV compliance deadline?

What is EMV compliance?

Your business is EMV compliant if you have upgraded your point-of-sale equipment and fuel dispenser equipment to feature credit card readers that support EMV technology.

If a customer walks into the store and is asked to insert their credit card into the slot on the POS pin pad or dispenser card reader, that store needs to be EMV compliant.

This means updates to equipment and software must occur prior to October 2020.

EMV October 2020 Deadline

To all our customers/prospective customers that are still in need of EMV upgrades, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Our 2020 work schedule is filling up fast. We do not want you to be non-compliant.

If you wait until the last minute, we cannot guarantee the work will completed by the October 2020 deadline.

Please contact our office by phone, email, or the form below so that we can get appropriate pricing for your site or sites and get you on the schedule.