Specials for November 2021

Save on all Caps, Vents, Gasoila Paste and tape - 20% OFF!


While supplies last:


4" Top seal Cap- 634TT-7085-EVR
4" Vapor Cap-1711T-7085-EVR
3" Top seal cap- 634TE-7085FS
Pre-vent & fill cap- 60001


2" Mushroom Vent- 14025
4" and 6" Emergency Vents- 245M-
0400AV/ 245M-0600AV
Whistle Vent- 14515/14516/14517
Hinged Fill Box - 14164

Gasoila Paste and Tape

DEF Brush sealant 1/4 pt- DE04
Gasoila Brush sealant 1/2 pt- GE08
1/2" White thread tape- ZT-20
1/2" Yellow DEF thread tape- YT70-24

Piusi Equipment

PIUSI BOX PRO 12V transfer pump w/ black vantage valve


$260 limited time or until we run out!

Hose Kits

11BP-0400 3/4" UNLEADED Black Nozzle Set Complete w/8'6" Hose,
Swivel, Breakaway, Whip Hose

$200 limited time


Truck Parts for Sale

AT PPSCO we used to build tanker trucks for the petroleum and propane industry. We have since stopped that segment of our business. As a result we have lots of parts that we used to build trucks with as well as supply to our customers. Should you have any need for these types of parts, please come into our office or contact us via email. We can show you the parts or provide pictures of what we have for sale. We are looking to liquidate all of these parts. total.

Celebrating 35 years in business and 3 generations work for you

At PPSCO we are very proud to announce that this year we are celebrating 35 years in the petroleum equipment business. We also are very proud to say that we have three generations working to help our customers grow their retail petroleum businesses. We have family members that are involved in all aspects of the business from sales, equipment operation/maintenance, construction, inspections/testing, and business development.

Materials delivery service for $250 minimum order

If you are a current customer of ours or you want to become a customer of ours and you are within 100 miles of Williamsport PA, we will deliver your parts that you need to run your business. Parts such as nozzles, Fill-rite pumps, hoses, swivels, breakaways, dispenser paper, tnk fittings, manholes, POS parts, etc. All that we require is that you order is over $250. That can be combined orders from multiple locations that are being delivered to one location.