Professional Petroleum Service Company is a certified company always thriving to keep your company up to current rules and regulations.

Whether in New York with the DEC or Pennsylvania with the DEP, we are the company to keep you safe and in compliance.

DEP Compliances

Our staff who takes care of you DEP compliance has over 75 years of combines experience in testing, inspections, and overall DEP regulatory compliance.

Testing: We have a team of technicians who are certified by the DEP to conduct required annual line and leak detector testing at your facility. They always try to be considerate of your desire to be in business as much as possible, So we try to minimize your downtime and respect the flow of customers through your location.

Inspectors: We have a team of FOI (facility operations inspection) inspectors that are DEP certified to conduct your inspections as required. Most inspections are once every three years. Between those time periods, every facility is required to maintain their equipment, monitor for leaks form tanks and piping, keep required records of testing and leak detection monitoring, and keep a current registration for their facility. This is what the inspector is looking at when they come to your facility. They will verify as much of what they can as far as material of construction for tanks and piping. Type of leak detection used and the monitoring records to go with that. They will also update you on what equipment or procedures that you are currently using that might be outdated or are becoming outdated.

This is why we recommend out PM plans for customers who want to make sure that they are compliant and up to date prior to their inspections so that this process goes smoothly and quickly.

No one wants to receive a NOV (Notice of violation) from the D.E.P about their facility.


Site clean ups - leaking tanks/piping

There are many reasons that petroleum tank systems need to be removed or might have leaks that need to be cleaned up. From general tank removals because of age, leaking piping because of bad fitting or worn out materials, dispenser leaks, and tank overfills. These are some of the reasons that petroleum contamination might need to be dealt with at an owners location. Now, more and more we find leaks because our testing methodology is better and more precise. As older tanks (about 30 years old) are replaced we find that the material of construction might not have lasted as long as the manufacturer/owner had hoped. In some cases the leak ome from the inside out and sometimes outside in. It all depends on the material of construction and the design of the installation.

When we find a site that needs a cleanup or remediation performed it can be lengthy and costly process. That;s where our years of experience and network of environmental contractors come into play. We want you site to be cleaned up in the most efficient manner possible while still protecting the environment.

Weights and Measures calibration certified technicians

At PPSCO we know that from time to time your petroleum dispensers get out of calibration or you get a surprise visit from L&I(Labor & Industry). That's why we have a team of technicians at the ready to come to your locations and re-calibrate or fix your meters to get you back in compliance with L&I. Should you need these services please give us a call. You don't want to have your dispensers shut down for noncompliance.